About Us

As a result of community input from social services agencies, community leaders and parents, Christene Worley founded the Parents and Children Advance Together (PCAT) Literacy Ministries program, in 2003.

PCAT is an after-school literacy program for underserved children and families living in severely distressed neighborhoods in Hillsborough County, Florida. These families are considered low income (census poverty data) and the children receive free or reduced lunch at their elementary school. The purpose of PCAT is to instill literacy as a value with emphasis on breaking the inter-generational cycle of non-readers.

Our comprehensive program is designed to assist low performing primary grade students (K-2) that are at risk of school failure, with reading and reading comprehension instruction. Students that attend PCAT are reading below the desired reading level and are recommended to our program by their teachers. Parents are encouraged to be involved in their children’s education by attending various learning initiatives, including the tools they need to properly read at home with their children. Services are provided at no cost to our families.

The key to the success of PCAT is the support we receive from our trained volunteer tutors that provide one-on-one reading instruction to our students. To build the trust and consistency that is conducive for learning, each student works with the same tutor for the entire school year.

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