Because we do not charge for our services, PCAT Literacy Ministries, Inc. relies on financial support from community and corporate foundations and from individual donors, including donations of program supplies and volunteer services.

Without the generous contributions of partners, sponsors and volunteers, PCAT would be unable to provide our young primary-grade students (K-2) with individualized instruction that improves academic performance and school readiness. Parents would not be given the tools they need to gain independence and self-sufficiency.

Studies show that grade-level literacy by age eight is highly correlated to success in school, including graduation from high school (Daniel et. al., 2001), while the inability to read is highly correlated to a host of poor outcomes as a teen and adult, such as school drop-out, juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy and unemployment (Lloyd, 1978; McGill-Franzen, 1987; McGill-Franzen & Allington, 1992).

One in six children who are not reading proficiently by third grade will drop out of high school, a problem that is magnified by poverty (Annie E. Casey Foundation, April 2011).

We need your help to assist these young students to improve their reading levels so they do not become a statistic.

We invite you to make a one-time or recurring donation of any amount with any major credit card or PayPal.

If you prefer, you can use the form below to make a donation for a specific purpose.

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