Individualized Reading Instruction

On-Site Learning

  • Students are assessed by our certified teachers and provided an Individual Lesson Plan.
  • Each Lesson Plan provides direct and differentiated listening, speaking, reading, thinking and writing instruction.
  • Each child receives one-on-one reading instruction from trained volunteers.
  • Students are assessed at the completion of each Unit to measure student’s understanding of the material and to measure progress.

At-Home Reading with Parents/Caregivers

  • PCAT students are required to read at home aloud with their parents/caregivers at least four times per week. Reading at home with parents/caregivers allows children to learn at an early age that reading is fun, and as they mature they will find reading a pleasurable habit.
  • Our parents/caregivers are trained on the techniques to properly read with their child. Since our students rarely own their own books, students receive English and/or Bilingual English-Spanish books to take home.
  • To track and monitor our students’ progress, parents are given Reading Logs to document reading time with their child. Our students receive treasure box incentives for completed reading hours.

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