Parent & Family Engagement

dad with childrenPCAT encourages our parents to participate in their child’s education.  Our parents are given the opportunity to attend  Parent Workshops that are provided throughout the school year.

Research shows that family engagement in schools improves student achievement, reduces absenteeism, improves behavior and social skills.  The most significant type of parental participation is supporting and monitoring their children at home. 

Many studies support the value of parents/caregivers reading at least 15 minutes or longer a day with their child for the following reasons:

  •  When a parent/caregiver reads to their child, it creates a bond and sense of intimacy and well- being. The child feels loved and is getting desired attention by cuddling, listening, and looking at pictures. Most children find reading very calming, especially when the child is fretful and restless. Reading through a story helps children work on skills such as paying attention, sitting still, being patient and trying not to interrupt when someone else is talking.
  • The number of words a child knows when entering kindergarten is predictive of future learning success.
  • Reading aloud builds literacy skills like vocabulary, phonics, comprehension, and storytelling.
  • Reading aloud for 15 minutes a day from birth leads to growth in knowledge, enriching engagement with family, and a love of books and learning.
  •  A child not reading at grade level by first grade is 88 percent more likely to not be reading at grade level by fourth grade. Children who are not reading proficiently in third grade are four times more likely to drop out of school.

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