Volunteer With PCAT

Consider making a difference in a child’s life! Join our PCAT family and become a reading tutor/mentor for young primary grade students (K-2). The only experience needed is the desire to have a significant, positive and effective influence in a child’s school success.

Serving young children that are at risk of school failure is an awesome experience. With your guidance and steadfast belief in their ability to succeed, you will see the difference your teaching and support makes. Not only will the students develop and excel from this relationship, but you too will experience growth. Volunteers often describe how much they learn about themselves and how much joy they get from their interaction with the children.

Contact us to learn more about our volunteer opportunities or submit the form below.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Please fill out this form, and our volunteer coordinator will follow up with you concerning volunteer opportunities at P.C.A.T.

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